Historical Fiction

Tudor Series:

Book One: King Henry's Last Daughter

King Henry's Last Daughter cover

What if you were asked to die for someone you had never met?

The Catholic Queen, Bloody Mary, hates her sister and rival, the Princess Elizabeth. To protect the Protestant princess, a loyal nobleman spirits her into hiding, leaving a baseborn lookalike in her place. Bess Neville is King Henry's daughter, too, but she wasn't born to the gilded halls of power. She grew up poor, raised in a shabby house on the Thames, abused by the aunt who resented having to raise her sister's orphaned bastard brat, but Bess bears enough of a resemblance to her namesake for ambitious men to exploit. Bess risks a horrific death every day for five long years to help the woman she can never call sister, hoping that her life — or death — will mean something. Her "counterfeit" sets her at the core of Tudor intrigue: the beacon of Protestant rebels, the target of Queen Mary's jealous hatred and the prize of one ruthless nobleman who seeks to use the pretender as his means to seize the throne of England for himself. When it all goes horribly wrong, King Henry VIII's very last daughter learns the price of wearing a crown....

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Book Two: Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel cover

What if you fell in love with a man you were forbidden to marry?

Her royal blood makes Catherine a political pawn in the hands of men greedy for power. Even her marriage requires the permission of the Queen. Her secret marriage to Edward Seymour, the Earl of Hertford, therefore, is an act of defiance no queen can ignore. When the price of Ned's release from prison is the sacrifice of Catherine's own freedom, does she love him enough to accept being separated from him forever?

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Book Three: Spymaster's Web Available on Amazon.com now!

Spymaster's Web cover

Lover, Liar, Poet, Spy ...

Witness to the massacre at Paris, the Queen's spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, vows to sacrifice everything he holds most dear to keep England safe, even planting his own daughter, Frances, to spy on the Queen's favorite, the Earl of Essex.

All her life, Frances never fit in. She wanted what she could never have — the freedom a man took for granted — and refuses to settle for the life Fate gave her. Her first husband never loved her, preferring the Earl of Essex's sister, the beautiful "Stella" of his poetry. As Essex's bride, Frances must again share her husband with another woman: Queen Elizabeth. When Essex rises up in treasonous rebellion against the Queen and England, putting Frances and her children in danger, will she betray the man who trusted her to keep England safe and expose a secret that will set the world on fire?

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